torsdag 29 november 2012

Cave Men : It's Trash (1966)

Cave Men: It's Trash / The Pillow Bit
'Chelle 148 Aug '66
(Key West, FL)

I don't say this a lot these days but turn the volume the fuck up on this track!!
The Cave Men ain't playin - it is TRASH that the dame goes out every night and does the deeds devilish dames does. IT IS TRASH, I TELL YA!
It is actually such a fucked-up situation that we need a fuzz the size of a kitten, reverb like you are playing in a cathedral, and it is very important (just to make sure it gets through to the listeners how 'trashy' the dames behaviour is) that you SCREAM the whole song!

I'm exaggerating. But how do I make this over-the-top punker justice in writing?
Everything about it is so perfect you almost don't believe it actually exists.

The off-on singer who balances being leisurely apathic and down-right psychotic seemingly on the verge of mental breakdown.
The fuzz-drenched guitars - both rhythm and lead.
The lyrics.
The dramatic solo.
The reverb, the delay, the fuzz..
The double-tempo drums on the outro.

This is a two minute song. Two intensely dramatic minutes. 
I am speechless.

#25 on the TBM Top 1000

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