tisdag 27 november 2012

Evil - I'm Moving On (1967)

Evil: I'm Movin' On / I know I'll Die
Audiodisc (acetate) '67
(Miami, FL)

So you decided to name your band 'EVIL'. And this is in the age of aquarius, the summer of love and all the snuggling of bellybutton, beads, saggy tits (male & female) in the air and a general overload of coziness.
Then you have to bring something to the table. Well, how about this tablet of ROCK, mister?
So listen closely cause this'll be the last words we'll here him say. And the guitarist throws in some spartan guit-solo in the mix too - for evil measure.

This was - just like Calico Wall - not released in 1967. We had to wait 35 years till the good people of Norton did us a solid and released it.

But the kids of '67 wasn't too bummed about missing out since Evil released the raving 2-sider Whatcha Gonna Do About It / Always Runnin' Around on Living Legend in august, and then on Capitol in october of 1967.

#23 on TBM Top 1000


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