onsdag 28 november 2012

Graveyard 5 : Marble Orchard (1968)

Graveyard 5: The Marble Orchard / Graveyard Five Theme
Stanco 102 Sep '68
(Kelseyville-Lakeport, CA)

The songs begins with a heart-beat. (Or more likely, a card-box beat).
This is the Black Sabbath (the song) of punk. And it is supposedly based on a true story.
A coupla punks getting high in the graveyard and sees something behind an oak tree and just out of nowhere they hear a 'wolf-type howl'. Hehe, I can hear them calling in to the police station trying explain the spooky events.
"ok, so you said you went to the graveyard and you..got this..feeling?"
"yes sir, and we heard some footsteps, and then Steve saw something behind the old oak tree, and then we heard a howl!"
"a howl?"
"yes sir, like from a wolf. or a.. werewolf.."
"so you heard a 'wolf-type' howl..?"
"yes sir"
Actually that is what the lyrics sound like. A report to a friendly officer.

"And so I said to Steeeeve, man hand me a cigarette!"

What we got here is pretty much two chords and an overload of reverb. Some noodling on the guitar, some lazy-ass howling and we get a lot of ride (the cymbal) from the drummer. The singers nose sounds blocked and the whole track makes you feel sick and confused.
This is very subtle psychedelia, but incredibly potent.
It will transport you to that graveyard in Kelseyville-Lakeport, CA. And if you close your eyes you will join these teensters in their car and you will hear the dreadful footsteps from behind the car. 
And the rain will fall. 
And a wolf-type howl shall be heard.
And someone is going to die.
And cigarettes shall be handed out by Steve.

Placed #51 on the TBM Top 1000.

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