torsdag 29 november 2012

Jeanie, Jim, Tom, Bill : Silly Whim (1965)

Jeanie, Jim, Tom, Bill: Silly Whim / Devotion
no label (5-5998) Dec '65
( - , NC)

Lizzen kid, I don't know how cool you think you are, but if you can't get hip to this tune then you should save your money and never buy a shovel - because if you can't dig this, you can't dig nuttin'.
The majestic quality of this track is so subtle, so elusive, that any trace of doubt in your mind can ruin the whole song.

So approach it with ease. The setting needs to be right. You can listen to it by yourself, alone in your couch.
Or you can slap it on your turntable on your late night party just to watch your guests frug their ass into a frenzy.
Or you can just press that pic you see right on top here while you sit crouching naked in your bed with a steaming laptop burning your legs and let the music crawl its way out of the crappy speakers.

Point is that this track is pure gold.
Listen to those drums. Who invents a beat like that?
Listen to those nasty lyrics. Who writes such evil lyrics?
Listen to the soothing guitar. Who can keep such calm at a time like this?

Jeanie treats all boys bad. She's all braggy about it too. When Denise was more like 'this is who I am', Jeanie is more like 'haha, I know what I'll do! I'll treat a bunch of boys bad because I can.'

I hope Jim, Tom and Bill stayed the fuck away from that dark dame.

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