fredag 30 november 2012

Little Willie & the Adolescents : Get Out Of My Life (1966)

Little Willie & the Adolescents: Get Out Of My Life / Stop It
Tener 1009 Nov '66
(Orlando, FL)

I can't top the lyrics with any kind of wild rabid ravings. This must be the meanest, nastiest, evilest, most pissed-off tirade ever written by a 60s combo.
It feels like the band also just surrendered and turned down the volume and just played.
That makes the production of this glorious work of art rather different compared to your average garage punker. So take that into consideration before you wonder were the rave-up is, or the wailin harmonica.

What gives you the big idea, you can walk over me, child?
Just because you got a big fat guy don't mean you own the world
I got news child
It ain't gonna sound so good to you
You don't know nothing baby
Not even a small bit of me

So honey, do me a favor
Just one small thing

Get out of my life

What makes you think you're so good you can spread things around?
You ain't no angel either child, I got things on you
So do me a favor
Shut your big mouth
Stop spreading those lies you know ain't true, child

And please do me one more thing

Get out of my life

Why do you always think you're so great you can push me around
I ain't your private property anymore, darling
I'm taking out of here child
I can't stand it anymore
You're all dried upp honey
I don't dig this scene

So honey, just one more thing
One little thing, child

Get out of my life

What do I have to do child - draw you pictures?
What's wrong with you child?
I'm taking off like a kite
I don't dig this scene anymore
I'm splittin' baby
I got my guitar in tune and I'm getting the heck out of here, child
Go baby! Go! Go!
Aaa get out! Get out, child!

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