torsdag 29 november 2012

Murphy & the Mob : Born Loser (1966)

Murphy & the Mob: Born Loser / Because You Love Me
Talismen Nov '66
(Tyler, TX)

The star of this song is the incredibly cool lyrics. There is no end to the coolness oozing out of the speakers when Murphy & the Mob sings the anthem of all loners.
This is outsider-punk at it's finest. Murphy need nuttin'. No pals? Who cares, he got them gals in his pad, with an unlisted phone and a steady job to go to (when he actually does work is another question since all he does is sleeps and 'swings'. Hmm, he might be a professional swinger? He might be working on a circus? Yeah, cause the Murph always swings alone. Atleast that is what he says.)
Sounds dreamy, right?

The lyrics is not the whole song, tho. The intro is fantastic, why with some string-picking (heavy fuckin strings, man) over a startled tambourine galloping over the prairie.
The drums take on the hunt, racing away until it gets to a complete halt only to continue the chase after some much needed cymbal-trilling (at 0:38).
The bass pretty much does its fucking job which is swinging (oh, the Murph might be a bass?)
All this is fine and dandy - über-cool lyrics, the disjointed riffing of the guitar, the agitated tambourine, the screams and the mandatory (but very nice) bass. 

But it is not all.
The song hell-raises the bar at 1:10.
The Murph - feeling uncharacteristically chatty - leans against you, put his arm over your shoulder and confidentially spill the beans:
"All the people..I mean..people..they just don't understand"
He points at a mirage in the far horizon: 
"They see me comin'..they shake their heads and say: 'Look at him! ..he's a born loser.." 
And before you can nod your head in forced empathy, Murphy loses his cool:

Placed #87 on the TBM Top 1000

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