torsdag 29 november 2012

Nick D'Angelo Farmers : Mr. Zeppelin Man (1968)

Nick D'Angelo Farmers: Mr. Zeppelin Man / Time To Be A Woman
Chime 109 '68
(Long Island, NY)

If there ever will be an all acoustic Back From The Grave, this demented piece of a mother-folker should be right on top of the short list.

We got some crapulous cave-man beatnik thumping on the drums, some lobotomized strokes on the suitingly out-of-tune autistic guitar and a melody on yet another auschwitztic guitar and we are set to go.
Let's top that off with some cat singing about a fat man stuck in a door and I'm ready to get LIT, baby!
Listening to this sober feels like a terrible waste of good times.

This display of mental-patient gewgaw should be enough, but wait - there's more.
Yes, Nick and his farmers have a cardiac-arrest up their straight-jacket sleeves.

Everything is fine and demento-dandy till we get 1:20 into the song and someone jerks some kind of archaic folky weapon and starts fingering it like a rheumatic inmate fingering his spouse on the yearly conjugal visit.

After that embarrissing moment (I blushed) the drummer passes out repeatedly over the drum-kit and you think the whole chaotic moment is over.
But the best is yet to come. All the happy folk-freaks in the band begins howling and wailing, screaming for  about half a minute!

A total favorite of mine, even if it might take some getting used to.

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