torsdag 29 november 2012

Our Gang : Careless Love (1966)

Our Gang: Careless Love / Heartbeat
Warrior 166 Feb '66
(Buena Park, CA)

Cooler than life Careless Love is the sound of dark feelings and nocturnal living.
It is not sprinkled with fuzz, psychotic screams, reverb or excessive speedy riffing. Armed only with a killer groove and a the angry neighing of a harmonica they set out to destroy.

Look, this is not yer average rendition of a Holwin' Wolf standard, this track stands on its own two feet.
Check the title: Careless Love. Let that sink in.
Its not that the dame don't care, she is being totally ruthless! We don't really get more info about the situation than the singer has been shown Careless Love. And that stings. He got dem blues.

A very spartan track and also very cinematic. Smoky, dark, late-night and dejected blues.

#435 on the TBM Top 1000

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