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Randy Alvey & the Green Fuz : Green Fuz (1969)

Randy Alvey & the Green Fuz: Green Fuz / There's A Land
Big Tex 445 '69
(Bridgeport, TX)

Did I mention that all the 45 posted here are hopelessly rare? So is this, the theme song of Green Fuz.
500 were pressed.
Lucky for us, the 45 has been rereleased. Tho that's hard to find to. But need no worry - you can find it on a bunch of different garage comps - like Pebbles Vol. 2.

I first heard it covered by Cramps on one of the thousands of cassette bootlegs that was so common in the late 80s.
When I heard the original... it was quiiiite a shock, I tell ya.
Juz take a lizzen yozelf!
That is a CRAZY track! That is so grungy and filthy, flies come flying through you window, landing on the spinning 45, turning their tiny heads wondering "where is the yummy filth!?"

It is all in your ears, baby. Like a festering boil.

OK, back on track - the guys of the Green Fuz were actually not that satisfied with the recording. That is kind of a downer for me, I'd like to know that they thought it fuckin ROCKED!
No such fuck-luck.

Placed #88 on the TBM Top 1000

If you want to read more about Randy Alvey & the Green Fuz, check this out!:

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