tisdag 27 november 2012

The Savages : The World Ain't Round It's Square (1966)

The Savages: The World Ain't Round It's Square / You're On My Mind
Duane 1056 '66
( -, Bermuda)

Now you listen closely, young man! This is..so fuckin' punk. The Savages is just not a name, it is a declaration of primal war against all things square!
A valiant effort, just as it is an impossible task - simply because there are so many things square in this world.
But The Savages march on, untuned guitars drawn, battlescreams galore, sad drumrolls underlining the  tragedy of the scattered fallen square bodies all through the battlefield.

The Savages released 2 other cool 45s on Duane, but nothing as intense as this.

I should also note that this placed #4 on the prestigious TeenBeat Mayhem Top 1000 Garage Songs from the USA.
No small feat.

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  1. LP:n är också bra, naturligtvis inte i närheten av det här. Det här är så brutalt så man nästan måste hushålla lite...