tisdag 27 november 2012

Shepherds Heard : I Know (1966)

Shepherd's Heard: I Know / But That's Life
Starlite (6051/2) May '66
(Shelby, OH)

First rule of thumb when you are recording with only one mike is not to ask the drummer to help you set it up.
Good thing the drummer of the Shepherd's Heard is suuuch a swanky drummer.
Just listen to that crazy monkey swing away!
Then again, that drummer is Kim Shepherd, the leader of the band. It is he who plays the drums, sings and wrote the fuckin' shit so it is perfectly in order that you hear him alright so that Kim Shepherd gets HEARD!

The inspiration to this unghawacredible track is of course a dame. And the singer is certain that she and her ugly face will come running back to him later.

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