fredag 30 november 2012

The Banshees : Project Blue (1966)

The Banshees: Project Blue / Free
Dunwich 129 Jun '66
(Chicago, IL)

Dunwich released a lot of incredible 45s and this is - in my supreme opinion - the best.

Project Blue Book was a government study of the UFO phenomenon. What this has to do with the lyrics escapes me, unless the protagonist was gaga over a unidentified flying object.

The song revs up with some serious fretting, supported by riffing that means business.
The singer screams, the drummer furiously takes swings at every drum, cymbal and any hard object in reach.
The guitar fretting, courtesy of one Ron Rouse, just won't let up. Franc Bucaro (the singer) keeps screaming, the drummer really gets into it and smashes, smashes, smashes the cymbals into shreds of metal.

They try to take it down a bit on the verses but it is impossible to fork in any kind of credible dynamics here. This is a runaway train.

They even come to a grinding halt at 2:00 minutes but obviously had 30 seconds more of braking distance or 30 seconds more of paid time in the studio.

#114 on the TBM Top 1000

The Banshees on 60s garage bands:

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