fredag 30 november 2012

The Beatin' Path : The Original Nothing People (1967)

The Beatin' Path: The Original Nothing People / I Waited So Long
Fontana 15830 May '67
(Reading, PA)

This is a strange song! It has this uptight beat, a fierce organ and some ace vintage laid-back sneering going on.
And check out that lead-guitar, talk about spartan use on notes. I love that, just a "waaa-ya-ya-yang".

It is almost on the verge of being psychedelic. Well it is not your average rock'n'roll track. It is too.. weird.
And weird is good.
One reason to the weird quality of the song could be that it was originally meant as a song about a drug experience. It was called 8 X 10, but the singer lost the lyrics and had to write some new ones.

A year before this killer, The Beatin' Path recorded the MONSTER I Can't See You as The Starlites.

Get Hip rereleased the 45 some decade ago. Go see if it's still there.

#536 on TBM Top 1000

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