onsdag 28 november 2012

The Bees : Voices Green And Purple (1966)

The Bees: Voices Green And Purple / Trip To New Orleans
Liverpool 62225 Oct '66
(La Verne, CA)

The cover of the 45 is coming right out of the KBD-esthetic rule book. Fitting, since this is pure punk a good ten years before it broke loose.

The Bees just want one thing and that is for you to experience the worst trip of your life.
They might've experienced it themselves, but why unleash it on an unknowing record buyer of.. wait, 1966!?
When everybody was smoking weed, deciphering the lyrics of Tomorrow Never Knows and being a total hippy?
This is one of the absolutely best punkadelic tracks ever recorded, if not the earliest.

Where are they now? Who knows. They seem to be gone, devoured by the mouth from where green and purple voices come from.

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