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The Benders : Can't Tame Me (1966)

The Benders: Can't Tame Me / Got Me Down
Big Sound 3006 May '66
(Menomonie, WI)

Devilish dames, what would we do without them.
The untamable one in this primitive drum-thumpin' ripper is a bit elusive. Let's just say that it is hard for teens to maintain a healthy relationship.

The Benders were the first real rock'n'roll band in the town of Menomonie and clearly the task very seriously, judging the extreme rocking nature of Can't Tame Me.
I know - Gerry Cain steal a lot of attention with his fuzz-drenched solo, but don't forget about the wild hoarse howling of drummer/vocalist Paul Berry! Not to mention the bass-gymnastics supplied by Geno Jansen.

But if we choose to focus on the wild solo - then, wooow, man! That is something out of the ordinary.
Like, this is early '66. People didn't get down like that back in '66!
We can all agree on this being a 10-pointer at any year, but if you also take into consideration that this is before all those crap guitar-heroes flung out all those plastic sludgy LSD-solos, you gotta be amazed!
We are talking Ron Ashton quality here!

And it is so cocky! It begins with these enormous fuzz-tones just setting up the canvas before the all too short high string-bending up on the scale, then lands like a 747 on a coin and goes back to pound out cool riffs again. It is all over after just 25 seconds, but it feels like.. 30 seconds haha, I dunno!
Time and space gets sucked in into the black hole of rock'n'roll.

A nasty punker indeed, and a perfect song.

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#72 on the TBM Top 1000

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