tisdag 27 november 2012

The Calico Wall : I'm A Living Sickness (1967)

The Calico Wall: I'm A Living Sickness / Flight Reaction
Dove Recording Studios (acetate) '67
(Minneapolis, MN)

While the world was convincing themselves that all they needed was 'love', the psychotic bunch of Calico Wall was leaning more to staying sick.
Good for them and good for us. It'll take some time before you hear this hep tune turned to muzak in an elevator close to you anytime soon.
The lyrics are nothing close to disturbing and the music is like something from a horror flick.
The flip is total insanity too, but not as doomy as this monster.
Too bad it wasn't released 'back in tha daze' since it woulda-coulda-shoulda cause some serious delirium tremens symptoms at yer average Love-In. 
But who know, it might've started a Sick-In trend?

The guys of The Calico Wall was most likely a one-off studio project and vanished into thin air. Maybe they got so sick with themselves so they let go of that shelf and fell into the abyss of oblivion.

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  1. The Get Hip issue might have been the fastest selling single on Far Out?