onsdag 28 november 2012

The Human Expression : Optical Sound (1967)

The Human Expression: Calm Me Down / Optical Sound
Accent 1226 May '67
(Tustin-Westminster, CA)

The Human Expressions are one of those band who released more than two great 2-siders (3 actually, and 1 so-so) and they all place supremely high on the TBM Top 1000. I think they even beat The Dovers.

They could do demented riff punk as well as ghostly ballads and super dramatic tracks that defy any kind of description.

This monster is the flip of yet another monster (the high-drama cocktease Calm Me Down which is less that calming) and is hard to define.

You hear a clock ticking as the singer describes a pad after a drug party. A soaring fuzz tone shatters the silence (the band used dynamics a lot to underline feelings).
And when differations (whatever the hell that is) from the past creates an optical sound - you're there, I tell ya!

The band was offered Born To Be Wild, but declined.

This sucker placed #37 on the TBM Top 1000.

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  1. Det här bandet verkar ha haft mycket idéer, jag tycker att låtarna verkar väldigt noga ihopsnickrade, synd att det inte spelades in en LP (Accent var ju ett dotterbolag till GNP-Crescendo där t.ex. Seeds låg). Tycker att det här också är en av de bästa "tvåsidorna". Calm Me Down hade nog kunnat arras om till en riktigt bra uptempo-soullåt, inte för sent än???