onsdag 28 november 2012

The Illusions : City Of People (1966)

The Illusions: City Of People / Wait Till The Summer
Michelle 001 Sep '66
(St. Claire Shores, MI)

More of that Michigan mayhem. And this 'un keep a killer ballad on the flip side!

This time there's no cheating girls or multi-coloured voices putting the burden of the square world on shoulders that is bothering these guys.
But where The Savages lament there surroundings, The Illusions proudly swaggers around in their beatle-boots, mop-top flying proudly in the air.

One thing about this 45 (flip included) is the singers smooth 'n cool rendition of the lyrics. So cool. Same goes for the flips - ultra suave.

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  1. Få singelsidor kompletterar varandra bra som den här, kaxig garagerock och Byrds-folkrock passar utmärkt ihop (Mellanvästerns skitiga svar på första Love-LP:n), lyssnar fortfarande väldigt ofta på dom.