tisdag 27 november 2012

The Keggs : To Find Out (1967)

The Keggs: To Find Out / Girl
Orbit (no #) Dec '67
(Hazel Park, MI)

The only logical first post on this ill-fated blog can only be this.

I hated it the first time I heard it.
"This ain't punk" I said to myself. I was deaf, but now I hear.

Yeah, now I understand that this is the epitome of punk.
This could be the sound of punk itself coming to a grinding start.
Two spindly guitars, a ramshackle set of drums, NO BASS mama.
And the best vocals ever. And a cheatin' girl. That is all it takes brothers and sisters.
Oh, and don't forget the tambourine.
Yeah, you need two (2) guitars, a ramshackle set of drums, awesome vocals, a cheating girl and a fuckin tambourine.

So why the hell am I not hearing this all the time?
Cause you needed to be living in Hazel Park, Michigan in the winter of 1967 and have a sadistic view in how you should treat a listening audience.

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