fredag 30 november 2012

The Reasons Why : Don't Be That Way (1966)

The Reasons Why: Don't Be That Way / Melinda
SoundTrack 200 Dec '66
(Temple, TX)

A choked and disoriented punker with an overload of epic things happening.
First, we get served a Kinks-ish riff and that is always a good sign.
Second, we got that choked singer, hysterically spitting out the words as the girl is packing her bag.
Third, one minute into the track the singer spits out the somewhat illogical but utterly epic "if you leave me tomorrow, I'll die today!"
Fourth, at 1:11 we get that blessed rave-up! A rave-up can save any half-baked song, then imagine what it does to an already perfectly baked one!
In fact, the healing powers of a rave-up is probably what the singer relied upon in a last attempt to make his dame stay.
Fifth, they don't end the song with the rave-up. The end-song rave-up is for super-epic demi-god masters only - if you do that move wrong, the song totally falls apart. The Reasons Why don't make that rookie mistake and instead does the intro again this time sprinkled with some machine-gun snare-shots.

If anyone can make out the whole set of lyrics, please mail them to me!

#21 on the TBM Top 1000

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