fredag 30 november 2012

The Rouges : Next Guy (1966)

The Rouges: Next Guy / Faces On The Wall
Waverly 108/9 Sep '66
(Marblehead, MA)

There are a bunch of great loner/vagrant/outsider loser tracks out there, like Orphan Boy by Half Pint & the Fifths, N Patrick Williams' Bad Seed and this one, to name a few.

The difference 'tween the protagonists of said songs and say, Born Loser, is that these lyrics are not about some punk kid swinging and drinking and being cool. No these lyrics are about bums and hobo life.

You could even make the saddest little musical starting with Orphan Boy growing up become the box-car riding hero of this song - Next Guy - and then end it all with Bad Seed by Williams.

OK, nuff of that! Let's get to what we are here for - Next Guy!

This is another one of those songs I didn't really like the first time I heard it. I was still obsessed with fuzz, screams and wild solos. I'm glad I gave it continuous new chances.

We start off with some sad strumming setting the scene for this woesome tale.
Our burdened lead character is roaming the country from town to town, getting dirty look, kicking dogs (tho they seem to be the best friends he have found). The box-car is getting colder everyday and he has given up all he is living for.

Sad, huh?

The lyrics were most probably scribbled down as a school assignment, the author probably got an A- and decided to put music to it. It is a bit one-dimensional and juvenile.
But it possesses some dark cinematic quality.

I'd give it a break. For a pauper's sake.

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