torsdag 29 november 2012

The Stoics : Enough Of What I Need (1967)

The Stoics: Enough Of What I Need / Hate
Brams 101 Jan '67
(San Antonio, TX)

This YT-rip is just too fucked up to do justice to this incredible track.. I'll edit that shit later.
The fact is that this is one of those elusive killer 2-siders that is so scarce in the great Garage Punk Kingdom.
A downer pounder with seedy insinuations and a beat that just won't give up.

Can you call it punk when the guitarist abuses the guitar with constant downstrokes? I s'pose so. 
What is funny is that if yer from Tex-ay-es there is always a place for a killer fuzz solo. You gotta love it.
You gotta hold it.
You gotta give it enough of what it needs.

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