fredag 30 november 2012

The Unrelated Segments : Where You Gonna Go? (1967)

The Unrelated Segments: Where You Gonna Go? / It's Gonna Rain
Liberty 55992 Sep '67
(Detroit, MI)

And we are back in Michigan with THE UNRELATED SEGMENTS! 
Listen to that insane guitar and that bouncy bass and the creaking of the mike stand (yes that is a mike stand with an adjustable bar making that crazy noise). And the drums are fucking brutal the way it drives that track till the breaking point. The drums are ridiculously driving. 
And the lyrics with that stuffy nose vocals delivered by Rory Stults (R.I.P.). Just flawless. A ten-pointer in my book.

"But still you try to kid yourself and say you'll get away. But where you gonna go?"

The Unrelated Segments released two other 45s, one before this 'un, and one after, in '68. All are awesome.
This track is not the only killer, Story Of My Life and Cry, Cry, Cry is flawless too!
And the flip to this is a great moody punker that is one point short of being a killer.

The Unrelated Segments on wiki:

The Unrelated Segments on Cicadelics fuck-ugly site:

#179 on TBM Top 1000

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