fredag 30 november 2012

Tree : No Good Woman (1967)

Tree: No Good Woman / Man From Nowhere
Barvis 7010 Jan '67
(Wilmington, DE)

Sometimes you just want some good old 60s garage punk on yer plate.
Tree enters, falling down the stairs, instruments drawn and a baaaad 'tude.
Once again a no good woman has struck, this time not only ugly, but fat too! Not to mention hairless - on the head that is..

Bring on the solo already, somebody pleeaaase!
A exceptionally fierce shadow boxing of strings begins, only to crash down the stairs again, rising, regaining balance and goes for the final fuzz-free attack 'tween the growled verses.

Needless to say, this track floored me the first time I heard it and the love remains . The flip is an avarage instrumental, more for the already um.. saved.

Placed #41 on the TBM Top 1000.

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