onsdag 28 november 2012

Zakary Thaks : Bad Girl (1966)

Zakary Thaks: Bad Girl / I Need You
J-Beck 1006 / Mercury 72633 Jul '66 / Oct '66
(Corpus Christi, TX)

The stuff of legend, 15-year old singer Chris Gerniottis put together this teen hard-times anthem. There's a bad girl thrown in somewhere if you can make her out in this tornado of a rocker.

The star of this track is the frantic drummer Stan Moore. He has full control of each beat, a beat that is holds syncopations and other nifty tricks only a bona fide teen drumdinin can muster the drumwit to master.

The track is clean, fast, razor-sharp teen rockin'.
The Kinks-cover flip (tho not a killer track) is cool too.

The band soldiered on with 5 more 45s and even if they continued to release cool garage, nothing is as timeless and furious as their debut.

#24 on TBM Top 1000

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