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Attic Sounds : Shadows (1966)

Attic Sounds: Shadows / Let Us Be Young
Mike 4007 Jul '66
(Silver Spring, MD)

For some funny reason, all songs named Shadows performed by a sixties garage band are fuck-notch!
Vejtables made a great psychedelic folk-punker called Shadows, The Leather Boy made this high-drama spooky psyche-tinged ballad of the same name, The Electric Prunes' Shadows was also high on the drama  and is an exquisite punkadelic creation.
I could go on.
There might be something about shadows as a phenomenon that inspires the mind, especially if you are drawn to exploring the dimmer parts of it through drugs. Hence all the psychedelic touches.

This Shadows is a rather strange song. The beginning almost reminds me of Hurricane Fighter Plane by Red Crayola.
But this is no freak-form onslaught. It has this hypnotic slightly psychedelic verses and it totally opens up on the chorus with gorgeous chords on the guitar and a soaring tambourine.
We also get a short break with some organ mucking about, turning up the light on the already afterglow-y qualities of the song.

It rated quite poorly in the TBM with a 5 points out of 10, it didn't even make the TBM 1000. But that only proves that it is an acquired taste and not a crap dud of a track.

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