onsdag 8 maj 2013

Corrections #1


So the first fuck-up has arrived, the confusion of the Psychedelic Unknown EPs covers. I Urge you to discard the old ones and replace them with these - the right ones!

The first EP simply had the wrong cover.
The second I switched only because I wanted the more cutesey pink cover. That way we also got three different covers and that is so practical in soooo many ways.
Oh yeah - the covers of (at least) the two first EPs was 'pressed' with different coloured covers. Hence the fuck-up.

And I double-posted the third EP just to have them gathered in one post. To help confusion, you know.




1 kommentar:

  1. Great idea, and fantastic work you're doing! I bought all these comps over the years and would never part with them. May I request the 4x 7" Punk Classics eps. Thanks!