lördag 4 maj 2013

Recreating old comps #10

Pebbles #5

Classy and classic album and a milestone in setting new standards in the comp-game. As I understand it, it was a big inspiration for Tim Warren when he put together his Back From The Grave-series.
Top-notch track selection save for Magi's You Don't Know Me that don't fit with the other killer garage tunes. I REPLACED it (shame on me) with the more fitting and top-shelf garage mover She's The One by Dr. Specs Optical Illusion. If you absolutely need Magi on your comp then simply replace Spec's with the song provided below.
I had a hard time finding better sounding versions of all tracks so I had to resort to the original Pebbles #5 CD. But such is life and most of the tracks here should sound better than on the original vinyl.

Magi - You Don't Know Me

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