onsdag 8 maj 2013

Psychedelic Unknowns EP Vol. 2

Psychedelic Unknowns EP Vol. 2

Part 2 and KILLER all the way! I even dig Dave Diamonds wacky Diamond Mine! Not very psychedelic at all (save Dave's plastic DJ-babble and that ain't psychedelic either).
Yesterday's Children's To Be Or Not To Be is an ol' fave of mine, but the whole set is incredible!

01 Starfires - I Never Loved Her
02 King's Ransom - Shame
03 Caretakers Of Deception - X+Y=13
04 Jury - Who Dat?
05 First Crow To The Moon - Spend Your Life
06 We The People - In The Past
07 Painted Ship - Frustration
08 Squires - Going All The Way
09 Front Line - Got Love
10 Nobles - Something Else
11 Yesterday's Children - To Be Or Not To Be
12 Dave Diamond & the Higher Elevation - The Diamond Mine

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  1. sikestarved8 maj 2013 19:38

    file does not exist on this server!

  2. Yeah, I threw it away. Check the post Corrections #1

  3. Ok, files should be updated and correct now. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for making me correct it. I loves active users!

  4. sikestarved8 maj 2013 20:28

    no worries, yer doing a grand job - I'm a bit confused about the Magic Cube though, is there a d/l link?

  5. Hahaha! So THAT is why nobody is downloading it!! Sorry, I'm a slob. Link going up now. Thanks for the help, buddy and thanks for the feedback!