onsdag 8 maj 2013

Psychedelic Unknowns EP Vol. 3

Psychedelic Unknowns EP Vol. 3

Okey, checked it up and it seems the first two parts were released in '79 and sold out almost instantly.
And LP with an edited version of the two first EPs was released sometime in 1980-81. [edit: I have read the LP was released as early as 1979]
From what I gathered, this last EP was released in '79. It is a bunch of pretty downer punkers along with Ognir's mid-tempo stomp I Found A New Love, and Tracers wild rendition of She Said Yeah.

01 Dagenites - I'm Gone Slide
02 4 Of Us - You're Gonna Be Mine
03 Tracers - Watch Me
04 Bush - I'm Wanting Her
05 Ognir & the Nite People - I Found A New Love
06 State Of Mid - Move
07 Flares - Forever
08 Tracers - She Said Yeah

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