tisdag 14 maj 2013

Pebbles #11

Pebbles #11

One of the most versatile parts of Pebbles! We've got crude punk like Third Evolution, Barking Spyders and Modds, we've got suave psych like Illusion, Galaxies IV and the Looking Glass - and get 3 sweaty tracks by The Leather Boy!! Did I mention Aardvarks? All killers here baby, an absolute corker!

I took the liberty to correct an old mistake - the original LP was supposed to feature Don't Lose Your Mind by Galaxies IV but somewhere along the used the flip instro instead. 
Well, I took the best version of Don't Lose Your Mind I had for you to hear in its full glory!

I couldn't find a good rip of Milan (The Leather Boy's) You Gotta Have Soul, just so you know..

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