tisdag 14 maj 2013

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 4

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 4

HITMS was always such a frustrating experience for me. Some real cool tracks but mixed with duds, pretty shitty sound but nice package.
This starts out great with 3 jaw-dropping punkers (ok, Shaprels is more high-end psych..) but it ends with the silliest song in the universe.
The album's got some real nice frat-rockers tho, and some cute pop and the mighty hyper-cool Todds I Want Her Back.
So about 25-30% is hot fuckin garage and the rest is just..nice (except for that horrid Mr. Sullivan..)
And it was here the quality of garage-comps started to deteriorate. Instead of getting your mind blown, you got your senses slightly breezed.

But Highs are an interesting document of the garage-times of yore, some 30 years ago.


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  1. i have to agree with you about the highs series, but i always liked this one because i grew up in chicago. not to mention that the cover had the great typo chiGago lol

  2. Did you plan to recreate any other volumes ?
    Ohio and Texas volumes are the more interesting .

  3. Working on Texas right now.