måndag 13 maj 2013

Boulders #3

Boulders #3

I'll tell you right away - I didn't proof-listen for shit this time. I just know that the bitrates are OK (192 or over) and that it is the right songs. I'll listen to it later tonight when I take a stroll with my dogs.
But I think that it's fine, definitely better than the original waxing.
And the music itself? Well it's a handfull of classics! We got some crude garage, some high-prod punkers, some hippy-dippy swingers and a couple of covers.
Tim Warren snatched three (3) tracks from this for his own series and one track from Boulders #2. 
That is in my book a quality stamp.


2 kommentarer:

  1. My copy have an awful sound too and I think the problem is the pressing or the quality of the wax not the mastering.
    It's probably one of the best volume of the series. A mixture of pure garage , psych exploito novelties , very enjoyable.

  2. Yes, good old compiler/hoarder Dave (RIP) bought the cheapest vinyl and pressed Boulders himself in, like, his living room on an old crappy vinyl pressing whatchamacallit. But he had a pretty great taste, too bad just a few songs got repeated on other comps..
    I don't think he mastered anything at all.