onsdag 8 maj 2013

Mind Blowers

Mind Blowers

Ech, what a crappy scan.. sometimes it is harder to find a good scan than better sounding files for the comps in question. Too bad because this cover is actually pretty good looking in it's original form.
Anyhoo, this was released in '83 in think and is a rather interesting bunch of track. Some straight punkers, some psych, big name artist Doors '65 demo Go Insane and 13th Floors 45 version of Tried To Hide. A mild psychedelic feel to this album but it's not acid-burnt like Psychedelic Disaster Whirl or Acid Dream #1.

Something was wrong with the Doors track - changing it and re-upping a better link as we speak.

This link should things right.

01 Ed Wool & The Nomads - I Need Somebody 
02 Doors - Go Insane
03 Undecided? - Make Her Cry 
04 Liverpool Set - Seventeen Tears To The End
05 Tropics - As Time's Gone
06 Olivers - I Saw What You Did 
07 Id - Boil The Kettle Mother
08 13th Floor Elevators - Tried To Hide
09 Guilloteens - Wild Child
10 Bump - Winston Build The Bridge
11 Traveling Salesmen - Days Of My Years 
12 Spike-Drivers - Baby Won't You Let Me Tell You How I Lost My Mind
13 49th Parallel - Labourer
14 Mustard Men - I Lost My Baby

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