lördag 31 oktober 2015

Buried Alive part 5 - repost

Buried Alive part 5

Last part, the one with all the stinkers. And strangely one of the most downloaded comps I've made.

"Look out - this one is vile. It is terrible. I gathered all the worst stinker flips on one comp and phiuuu does it ever suck.
But this concludes the collection of flips from the eminent Back From The Grave-series, save for two songs whose 45s are yet to be found.
Have a nice saturday."

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great collection!

    Some of my favorites songs are here.


  2. How do you make these BEAUTIFUL album covers?!?

    1. I love all of these comps, btw...

    2. the ones to buried alive is cropped out Creepy 'zines with me slapping on some fonts. really easy.
      I make no drawing myself.
      Glad you like them! Be sure to spread the word..