onsdag 23 mars 2016

Hipsville 29 BC

Hipsville 29 BC

I wasn't too crazy about this when I first got it. Or rather, I was bewildered.
It was rawer than Pebbles but it was less wild than Back From The Grave.
And those two series was pretty much all I knew what to compare it with.
(I had yet to discover Garagepunk Unknowns which is more in line to how this comp is bent)

Besides from the mega-classic making their debut here (Sparkles Hipsville 29 BC, Vagrants 2 tracks, Fantastic Dee-Jays Fight Fire) it is peppered with lo-fi tracks, off garage, apocalyptic surf and other miscellaneous strangenesses.

The jawdroppers for me are Land Beyond The Moon, Stacey and Mr. Zeppelin Man but there's no real clunkers here. Well, I can't enjoy Happiness Is Havin'.

End of Hipsville 29 BC rant.

On another note, I have put together a new set of songs. Now I only need to make a cover.
Might post it tonight.


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  1. Othe great classic garage comps.
    I hope your new compilations, the best.