torsdag 31 mars 2016

I Can Hear Raindrops

I Can Hear Raindrops

Well, this is awkward..
Where do I begin?
Earlier I mentioned the old defunked forum and the sharing of files over there, didn't I?
It started with a loveable and generous OZ record collector who opened his epic collection of classic and/or hyper-rare 45s to us all and treated us with high-quality vinyl rips and sent us cdr's and downloadable flacs.
This caused quite a stir and motivated the hoardes of collectors at the forum to do the same with their priced collections.
Most of these forum comps got mailed physically left and right by the tons. I don't know how many of those comps I managed to pick up, but there was quite a few.

So now I've set the scene - people were sharing like it was the end of the world and everyone wanted to help to maintain the momentum.
So if someone sent you something, you wanted to send something cool back their way.

But some of these fellas didn't know how to rip their vinyl properly. And some fellas didn't know how to rip a cd properly, so some stuff you got sent to you was mp3s and you couldn't really rip that shit yourself and send it forward. What, should I rip an mp3 to a flac that then would be mp3'd by some bufoon an send it to some poor schmuck who rips the flacced mp3 to yet another mp3?
Shit went south pretty quick aural-wise.

So now I've set that scene too.

And I am too damn polite to ask if the stuff I was given for free was properly ripped, and thus safe to share. I had to trust my ears. And my ears suck a bit.

Bored yet?

Soooo - someone (who might only had this comp cool enough to share) sent me a great rip of I Can Hear Raindrops - killer comp! - but I didn't know what to make of it. And since I had piles of envelopes of sent cdrs, I forgot who sent me it, and I didn't get around to doublecheck its rip-worthness.


So what do I do today when I want to share this stuff with you?
The rip sounds valid to me, and most of these songs are hopeless to find anywhere else than on this comp.
All the songs on this set I post here is from that cdr I got so I can't really say I did any effort to find better rips..

What I did was to rip it both to flac and to mp3's so you can decide yourself what to do.


Either I flacced and mp3'd a bunch of mp3's or I flacced and mp3'd a bunch of flacs.

A very shoddy post on my behalf, but nevertheless this is still a hard comp to come by these days, and thus totally worthy of getting shared even if one would think only half of my ass was inserted into this.

I just hope you'll dig this fantastic set of songs and that you have a great day and/or night, and that I love y'all.




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  1. I've been spinning this CD alot...I love this comp! Thanks for posting it.