torsdag 31 mars 2016

The Midwest vs. The Rest Vol. 1

The Midwest vs. The Rest Vol. 1

I wish I could tell you anything about all these old comps, but that's a whole other burdon to carry and I know essentially nothing.
I know a guy who do tho, and I know he's hard at work to bring some order to the early days of garage pirates and punk swashbuckling bootleggers.

The two "Midwest" albums came out '83 and '84 on Unlimited Productions, an "1980s Iowa-based garage rock label" (quote from discogs..)

You've probably already heard a bunch of these tracks (not only on some other of my revamped classic comps, but also on some of my own!), but that is beside the point.
The kick for me is the double-whammy of a throwback: the cool 60s sounds, but also the 80s emerging scene of garage fiends. 

I was a teenage punkrocker in the 80s and barely noticed the bustling scene of garage rockers.
I do remember the shock when I as a 15 year old happened to stumble upon a concert with the Stomachmouths.
I had seen hippies before, and I kinda thought I knew what punkrock was all about but this event blew my mind a bit. (My hometown was pretty backwards when it came to edgy stuff..)

It wasn't until a coupla years later when I discovered The Creeps and The Morlocks that I figured the whole thing out and by then I was too into Stooges and MC5 to get into that whole bag.

That would change 5 years later tho when I bought my first Back From The Grave (vol. 1) and descended into the maelstrom of sixties garage punk.

Yap yap..

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