tisdag 22 mars 2016

Class Of '66

Class Of '66

Ok, I don't know how to sell this one to you. All I can do is to tell you a little backstory.

Let me take you back, hmmm, maybe 10 years. I had finally found friends that was as into 60s teen beat as I was. It was over at the old garagepunk.com forums.
Those were mighty fine times, with big time collectors rubbing elbows with common fans (such as myself), actual performers (Tom Kirby of Tonto & the Renegades was one of 'em) and compilers of all those comps I  so feverishly worshipped. 
There was just an abundance of knowledge and opinions and general silliness.

One of the voices of reason, immense knowledge and the best dry humor I've experienced was that of Patrick the Llama.
It was in a thread called "the last good comps" or something like that where the good Llama stated that the last really good 60s garage comp he knew of was "Class Of '66" and that he had one he could trade or sell.

I leaped at the opportunity and freed him of said album. And it was just magic. 
Primitive, somewhat subdued, very underproduced teen beat filled the room.

I ripped it for others at the forum but was a bit miffed about the quality of the sound.
Because honestly, the vinyl didn't do justice to the music.
I am not much of an audiophile, but too much was missing in the hissing grooves.

I will try to rectify this now, but many of these tracks still sounds.. scrawny.

But turn the lights low, set the sound right and get in the groove.

Rest in peace Patrick.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Thank god you're back at it. You're my hero. What great taste.

  2. One of the best garage comps. I like.
    Greetings from Spain.

  3. WoW! Great Comp, but link is dead.
    Could you re-up please?