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Ear-Piercing Punk

Ear-Piercing Punk

LET ME FIRST SAY: I don't paint the covers, are you crazy!? I just slap on some fonts and crops some shit out and there ya go!
Sorry if I was leading anybody on..


This comp is goddamn stupid, and that is why I love it.
I really dig the haphazardness of the picked songs and the misleading and spectacular artwork. 
(which I really like, btw. It is awesome in it's own pinky punky right - and you can't miss it! And it is a hellavalot cooler than most covers from various impotent comps of late. It is just ballsy and fucks with the minds of autistic and anal record collectors and that is always a very fun thing to do.)

So why isn't this ranked as one of the top early comps ever?
Well it feels a little shallow and thrown together for a quick buck. (My original vinyl sounded disgusting.)

The inclusion of Trashmen makes me frown - what the hell, couldn't they find another cooler and more punk and/or rare track? Ugh..

Some material is a little *yawn* boring. Mile Ends, Sound Extraction, Herde, Age Of Reason and Kommotions is too much dead weight to let this wild beast fly too high.
(But I have to say - as it turns out - over the years I have learned to enjoy dead weight.)

Another thing on the downside is Outlaw Blues. It is a turd I simply cannot enjoy.
(I couldn't find a better replacement track for it, so I went with the one issued on the CD version of Ear-Piercing Punk)

Yeah so that is a pretty lengthy list of why this comp isn't incredibly cool.

BUT! The champions protecting Ear-Piercings honor are:
The Groupies - the kings of slop - makes an übercool version of Hog. It is seedy, it reeks intoxication and it is famished for disgusting, vile and wild sex.

Dean Carter made his first appearance here with a double-whupass: Rebel Woman and Jailhouse Rock! Two of the wildest sixties punkers there ever was!

Starting side two is Sparkles classic No Friend Of Mine (another ten-pointer) followed by Keith Kessler (9.5 pointer but still a stone cold classic) - boom! boom!

Some ass is dragged by Herde but all that is forgot and forgiven when one of the absolute top punkers there is follows it.
I am of course talking about Mystic Tide and there haunting Runnin Thru The Night.
If you can't dig that then you can't dig nuthin.

Ugly Ducklings and Third Booth makes sure the album finish on a somewhat wild note.

OK, nuff of me yappin.

I give you, released in 1979, on Trash Records - EARPIERCING PUUUUUUNK!!!


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  1. Yo David
    Back from Drying out the Cod.


  2. Love this comp... also that great confusing cover art... and I actually think, that the Sound Extraction's song is excellent laid back rockabilly flavoured 60's punker. It has a great positive and cool vibe... that makes my head instantly shaking and probably looking like a duck.