tisdag 12 april 2016

Echoes In Time Vol. 2

Echoes In Time Vol. 2

Released in 1983 on Solar Records.

On the second serving, we continue to get rolled like a tumblin' dice, left and right, '65 to '73, canada to the usa..
But it doesn't feel like a binary roller coaster, it just rolls all the way till the end of the line.
That is - not if yer either: 1. Orthodox, 2. Fundamentalist or 3. Anal.

 Says the Llama:
"a move towards punkier sounds. Lots of good tracks from Michigan & Canada and an enjoyable consistency all the way thru"

I wonder who was behind this. He or she did really an amazing job.
So if you don't mind a little "late '60s lumpy hard rock/post-psych" with your garage, then this is a real winner.

Is it just me, or does a well balanced psychedelic compilation give a sensation of a faint taste of amarone in the palate? Amarone and pocket lint.

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  1. Do you have a track-list for this CD ?? I cannot locate a track-list on the internet.

  2. Never mind I found it on the web...

    Side 1
    1 Outcasts - Set Me Free
    2 Nova Local - Games
    3 The Iguanas - Mona
    4 The King-Beezz - Gloria
    5 The Avengers - Reflection
    6 British North American Act - Don't Run Away
    7 (Mikes) Mijal & White - I've Been You

    Side 2
    1 The Crystal Rain - You And Me
    2 Frut Of The Loom - One Hand In Darkness
    3 The Fredric - Five O'clock Traffic
    4 The Soulbenders - Hey Joe
    5 SRC - Badazz Shuffle
    6 Leviathan - Second Production