måndag 4 april 2016

Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 2

Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 2

Hey, this is a pretty hot set!!
But the context of the album seem to lose it's way pretty quick. The first two tracks give me a vague feel of the sixties and the Sunset Strip (even if it's a pretty kitschy feel). But Sandals? Really? Chymes? I don't think this is the ride I was hoping for.
But just before I start to despair the set kicks in!

We get Bees slightly disturbed Trip To New Orleans.
We get Roosters One Of These Days that outflies the Byrds.
We get Tangents ripping Hey Joe in half.
We the rough and tou.. oh yeah.. no we didn't. Ken & the Guardians stellar punksplotion accidently takes a tumble and lands with its soft belly exposed - Rovin' Heart.

And this is where the revisionist in me steps in and says - "nooo David, this is not ok. This is not what this album was meant to be! Mistakes were made and now you can turn it around! Rewrite history and include See If I Care instead!!!"

So I did.

And this solid platter don't slow down til the end.

From 1983, AIP Records.


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