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Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 3

Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 3

AIP Records 1983

Vintage Review:

"Volume Three, '67: "Mondo Hollywood A Go-Go" is the least interesting for my money - the few great tracks (The Lyrics, Research 1-6-12, Somebody's Chyldren) hardly make up for Kim Fowley's Canyon People "grooving with nature and each other." Skip this one, and get the first two."
- Ray Brandes (Originally published in Ugly Things #3, 1984)


Let's hear what Patrick the Llama has to say:

"This is perhaps the best volume in the series; consistent and with a sensible track selection. Punk fans won't find much here but it's an essential item for any acid-punk/garage-psych fan. Lots of strange numbers."

Yes this indeed a different trip than the first two volumes covering the scene in Southern California '65 - '67. 
The question is how far you are ready to tread the psychedelic path.

This is a crux that trails back decades and is in this day and age pretty silly.
But if you are super-ortodox (which a whole bunch of fans of this scene seems to be) then listening this album thru must be like chinese water torture.

I must say I was surprised. It is - like the Llama said - "consistent and with a sensible track selection".
It really manages to paint a picture.

The music spans from folk-rock to acid-punk to sunshine-pop to mild psychedelia.
If you put this and the two that came before it, you'll in for a pretty interesting listening while experiencing how the music changed those three or four years from '65 to '67/'68.

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