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Re-upped: Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 4: Chicago

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 4: Chicago

Released on AIP Records in 1983

As I stated in the previous post: some recycled tracks on this album, most from Off The Wall 1 & 2, but also from Everywhere Interference. All from 1983 (.

I don't know if it's me, but for me the album feels disjointed. Especially if you compare it with the three volumes that came before it.
And even if it has that mix of different styles, there is something missing.
The album feels two dimensional.
It lacks that special kind of magic
It lacks SKoM.

Still - a pretty fantastic set. Especially if you don't mind the repeated tracks.
It's a real smooth ride in the beginning but after 10 tracks, tragedy strikes.
We hit side B which was sometimes where the "fillers" were hidden.
And I find it a little hard to suffer thru the three boring covers (Say Mama, La Da Da, Long Green) but I somehow manage by the tyranny of sheer will.
I get welcomed by Diddley-er Someday Baby and the marching folkrock of Dalek/Engham.

But like some bad horror-flick, juuuust when you think you're in the clear Jason Voorhees shoots out of the lake and grabs you by the throat. Or ears, rather.
I am of course talking about Please Mr. Sullivan.
I really don't want to talk about it, I leave it up to you experience it.

It's shit like that that makes it hard to trust anything under the Highs banner.
I can take a dud or two on a solid comp, but if it is a utter turd like this... pisses me off.
OK, I need to let it go now, sorry for the tirade..

Vintage Review:

This collection is certainly not the definitive anthology of the Chicago sixties scene; some of the album seems to be made up of so many odds and ends, and leftover tracks, i.e. not 100% death to my ears.
However, there are some great cuts to be found here, most notably the Little Boy Blues' classic "Great Train Robbery," the Omens' "Searchin" (albeit both on "Off The Wall Vol. 2"), and the Todds' "I Want Her Back." Also the amazing tortured "Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn" by the Shaprels - angst is the word. Included too is a fab, rawer take of "I Live In The Springtime" by the Lemon Drops, released under the pseudonym "Buzzsaw."
Most of the weaker tracks are to be found on Side Two - nothing really horrible, but just ordinary, y'know? I mean, "Mr. Sullivan" by the Warner Brothers?! C'mon!!
- Mike Stax (Originally published in Ugly Things #3, 1984)

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  1. I haven't been listening to this one yet, but lately I have got quite some SKoM from the Crude PA vol.1 and Garage punk unknowns vol.4 compilations. Except from maybe a track here and there, it's a joyride.

  2. Yes, two of my faves!
    Especially GPU 4 is one of the greats, even up there with BFTG.
    CPA 1 is a different beast but even better, to me anyways..
    Both most definately possess that elusive SKoM..

  3. Say David, what would be your compilation for earphones when taking a walk through the park with your dog on a sunny day? Maybe one of your own? Or one you didn't make yet? Titled walking the dog maybe? I would be glad to hear.

  4. PLUS, how can you not love that they spelled Chicago wrong??

  5. ... and that's not all, check out how they spelled VOLUME! VOL.UME! Love it.