torsdag 28 april 2016

Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 3

Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 3

Released in 1987 on Titan Records

More of the same on this third outing from our midwest monsters. There's a handful of so-so covers causing some serious speed bumps on this album, but the highs are way too high to discard this platter.
Barry Ebling, Soothsayers, Intruders and the Trolls alone are worth the admission.
then there's some sub-par garage, some (yawn) covers and then we have the super boring I Don't Mind by Plato & the Philosophers.

I had to use (hmm 3 I think) some tracks from the original MotM vinyl since I couldn't find better sounding mp3s. I don't remember which ones, but if you hear a sudden dip in the audio quality - now you know why..

4 kommentarer:

  1. I don't mind is boring , whatever the version

    1. Oh, is that a cover too? Jeez! Who made the original?

  2. This I Don't Mind is an original (well if I'd see something problematic about it, it's the fact that there are really two songs, one pretty nice Young Rascals type, which I don't think you dig, and an out of place kinda Gloria thrown in).

    please Re-up this !!