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Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 4

Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 4

Released in 1989 on Titan Records

The fourth,  and presumably the last volume in the series. I don't know what it is with this series that makes every volume go down like a big mug of luke-warm stale beer.
To listen to it is an interesting experience, and I don't really mind it - sometimes you just want some music in the background, something that doesn't need your full undivided attention.

Even the top tracks here aren't strong enough to make this album stand out - like Twilighters party-hungry and action-thirsty Spell Bound. Total kick-ass garage song, but there is no momentum for it to maintain. It tries to pick up the pace after Love Light and then Love Corporation, but it just don't pack enough power.

This is not me saying that this comp (or series, for that matter) sucks - I wish it would! But it doesn't.
What it has is a bunch of diamonds in the ruff, golden nuggets for you to find - and that was dear work for me as a young garage-fiend. oh, to sift through all the dreck and find amazing and magical songs drenched in mud, ready to get picked and comped on my own little cassette-comps that I created and printed and gave to all my friends (cassettes that more often than not met an unworthy death on the floor of dirty cars or eaten alive by crappy tape decks..)
If I were to pick my faves from MotM 2-4, I'd go for these 16 tracks :

Soothsayers - Please Don't Be Mad
Tommy Tucker & the Esquires - Don't Tell Me Lies
Coachmen - Too Many Reasons
Noblemen - Things Aren't The Same
Esquires - She's My Woman
Barry Ebling & the Invaders - I Can Make It Without You
Blue Things - Your Turn To Cry
Wild Things - Tell Me
Jerms - Since You Went Away
Soothsayers - Do You Need Me?
Intruders - She's Mine
Intruders - I'll Go On
Countdowns - You Know I Do
Twilighters - Spell Bound
Rod & the Satellites - She Cares
Converts - Don't Leave Me

I wouldn't sequence it that way but it would make for a really really nice records, methinks.

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