onsdag 27 april 2016

Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 2

Monsters Of The Midwest Vol. 2

Released in 1985 on Titan Records from Kansas, MO.

A solid comp with the usual mix of meat-and-potato garage, pop-psych, mersey-ish beat, frat, punk etc.

Says Richie Unterberger:
"Released as the garage compilation frenzy was approaching saturation point, you may well have missed this limited edition (500 pressed) compilation of mid-'60s tracks from Midwest bands, none of whom even have a cult reputation. It's well-annotated, but there's very little to differentiate this from the typical (i.e. unmemorable) local scene compilation."

Yeah, Richies right - too much forgettable stuff here. The album never really takes off. Solid, but a little bland.

Highlights for me are Please Don't Be Mad, Don't Tell Me Lies, Want-A-Love You and the adorable Gloria rip-off She's My Woman.

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  1. I dig this one and this Plato & the Philosophers track is cool! But the Soul Sisters cover by Underbeats is so bland that it kind of destroys the mood.

    1. Yeah, that Plato track ain't too bad.
      My crankiness towards MotM series is that it feels like a missed opportunity. If you and I were to put together a themed comp with midwest monsters, we'd do it much better in every way.

      But I like MotM just the same. I love the flawed comps almost as much as
      I love the flawless. I mean, atleast they tried..