måndag 4 april 2016

Pebbles Vol. 3

Pebbles Vol. 3

A flawed masterpiece? A golden turd?
The subtitle promise to blow your minds and that it contains 18 classics - and psychedelia even!
It fails miserably.
My mind is unscathed, there's only 17 songs (they lost Horror Asparagus Stories when it was time to master the album) and when it comes to "classics" - how is that even possible? Classic to whom? Nerdy record collectors?

The biggest bullshit marketing in the subtitle is the word "psychedelic".
Had they written "sixties novelties" instead, they'd be right on the money.
And you'd be less frustrated and better informed if you chose to pick this one up.

Compare this to Psychedelic Disaster Whirl - can't do it, can you?
It's like comparing a spritzer to a hit of acid.

So why should I revamp it?
Why not let it be buried forever?

Well, as much as frustrating and irritating it is to listen to it, it is also quite amusing.
Like listening to your old dad tell a lengthy joke that rambles on without any trace of context or funny lines, just peppered with silliness and anecdotes only a kid would enjoy.

And that's the key. Find your inner child and remember those days when you just got the new Mad Magazine and leafed through the pages with excitement and fascination.
Or Creepy Magazine for that matter. (you kids too young to get that analogy - use fuckin' google you history-less morons.)

And if you get into that vibe, this album opens up like a flower. Or like a pop-up book.

So I won't rage over Condello, curse over Jefferson Handkerchief or ask if anyone in the universe think Like A Dribbling Fram is hilarious.

I experienced the same frustrations when I put it together today as I felt some 20 years ago when I first bought it.
It's always nice to take a stroll down memory lane.
But if you're prone to heart-failure due to boredom, I'd stay away from this.
The ones that really is worth the fee is already on the Psychedelic Disaster Whirl expansions that I posted earlier.

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