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Re-upped: The Chosen Few Vol. 1

Re-upped: The Chosen Few Vol. 1

Released on Au-Go-Go label in 1983.

Vintage Review:

The Chosen Few #2
Punk fans who have been recently whining about the decreasing quality of the zillions (or maybe just scads) of garage compilations will have no complaint with this recent one. I mean, when I put this record on my Radio Shack stereo, out came the spoken words, "The universe is permeated with the odor of kerosene!" This followed by a ripping fuzz lick and a WAAAGHHH!!! Scream..I knew I had gotten my $10 worth with this one! It was the "Gonn" doing "The Blackout Of Gretely" (four and a half maniacal minutes). Just one of fourteen such screaming punk-rockers guaranteed to blow the minds of anyone within earshot, and give Duran Duran followers severe brain tumors as well! If snarl and fuzz are your trip get this record now!
- Ron Rimsite (Originally published in Ugly Things #2, 1983)

Says Johan Kugelberg: "compiled by east coast garage scenester Bruce".
That goes for volume two as well, but let us stay a while at the first outing.

If you appreciate the universal garage-sound, what with spindly organs, a snotty singer, hard riffing and the occasional scream - then this is probably the best collection available.

Especially in 1983, before Mr Warren raised the bar for how a good collection should sound - well, not least sonically...

Probably this, Chosen Few 2, Pebbles 2 and 5, together with Back From The Grave 1, 3 and 5 decidedly are the best early collections - if you look at the selection of singles.
They are at the very least canonical.

It also possesses that special charm that few collections do nowadays. I would venture to say that that special kind of magic disappeared towards the end of the eighties.

After that there was sleepy studies of small local labels, elongated CDs lined up with "killers" and a myriad of records that are plagued by pitiful sound.

I digress.

If there would be something significantly wrong with this comp, it'd be the last track - Why Ain't Love Fair by Thee Wylde Main-Iacs.
That track was recorded in 1982 by Erik Lindgren and some cohorts of his, trying to fool the world of geeky record collectors. I can't imagine that he managed to trick any of 'em, and the it sticks out like a soar thumb.

So here's what lil ol' revisionist falsifier-of-history me did:
I switched it.

And the track chosen was I Need Love by the Third Booth. It was suggested by garage-guru Mark Taylor, and I think it was an excellent choice.

That was that.
The only other snafu was that the MG & the Escorts wasn't listed on the back cover, but well on the sleeve.

Enjoy this fascinating piece of art and history.
Listen to it with true devotion.
Don't just unzip it, pop it in and go about your day.
Breath it in.
Breath it out.

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