måndag 11 april 2016

Re-upped: Magic Cube

Magic Cube

Eva-Tone 116811, 1982

Says the Llama:
"Strange psych/punk comp on a 10' flexi. The music is truly brilliant with some of the best (and rarest) psych/punk tracks to be found anywhere. Too bad they didn't spend their money on a vinyl press instead of the "magic cube" gimmick insert which when folded looks more like a nail box than anything else."

Says Eva-Tone:
"Eva-Tone Soundsheets is not a record label, but a manufacturer."

Says Me:
"I think the same german dude who made Acid Dreams did this."

Whoever made it picked cool songs. 
It is similar in style as Psychedelic Unknowns, especially the later ones on LP. They even share a couple of tracks!

So here it is, sounding better than ever.
No "magic cube gimmick insert" included.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks. This one is new to me. Will try it out tonight.

  2. I bought this CD many years ago from J.D. of Midnight Records in New York City...many of the CD's you post I already have, however I'm keeping my eyes open, you have a great blog.!

    1. Thanks Robert!
      If you already have all the old classics you will probably not hear anything new, but hopefully in better sound.
      Many old comps sounds a bit funky, be it cheap vinyl, cheap mastering, wear and tear..
      And some reissues on CD has just ripped the old comps, and has not used the better sounding music files.

      I'm trying to rectify this. I never upload a whole CD. I build a new.

      See you later in the comments!